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Visitors to Canada

When planning the details of a trip, it’s good to make sure you’re covered for everything. Medical expenses can be pricey and your home country medical insurance may not cover Canadian medical costs. Dealing with a Canadian company will insure your Canadian expenses are covered.

You can get protected now to ensure your trip doesn’t become a financial hardship from unexpected medical costs.

Whether you’re visiting Canada as a tourist or for business reasons, there are often restrictions and requirements for entry into the country. Requirements, such as whether or not you need a visa, vary depending on your home country and length of stay. Other factors, such as a criminal record, may prevent your entry into Canada.

All visitors to Canada must:

  • Carry valid travel documents such as a passport
  • Have enough money for the entire length of the trip
  • Be healthy at the time of entry; medical examinations may be required
  • Prove you will leave Canada at the end of your trip and that you have ties in your home country
  • Declare all goods you’re bringing into the country outside of personal use items such as clothing.

The Canadian government has many aids to help you plan your visit to Canada. Two great resources are Going to Canada and Beware and Declare!

We’ve got a travel insurance plan that will suit your needs because we work with more than one company. At present, we represent 11 companies so we have more to offer you.


Canadians anticipating visitors from foreign countries, including USA, should not take for granted that their visitors are covered for emergency health situations. Canadian hospitals will routinely charge double or more for visitors. We have coverage amounts ranging from $10,000 to $150,000. No age limits with some companies. Temporary visits outside Canada are also covered with most companies but each insurer has their own restrictions regarding when and where the plan is purchased. These policies are designed only for new sickness or injury while visiting and do not provide coverage for any pre-existing medical conditions. If you are presently being treated or have ever suffered from a heart condition, stroke, cancer, diabetes, lung disorder or any other conditions, you should investigate and arrange coverage from your country of residence before you leave.

Returning Canadians, Landed Immigrants & Temporary Residents
Most provinces do not provide health-care benefits to non-residents, temporary residents, returning Canadians or recently landed immigrants. Returning Canadians often must satisfy a waiting period before becoming eligible again for the provincial health insurance plan. You are eligible for coverage if you are a temporary resident on a student visa or work visa or a returning Canadian or a landed immigrant and not eligible for coverage under a provincial health insurance plan and age 64 or under. Benefits for any one sickness or injury usually include Hospitalization, Physicians & Medical, Ambulance, Diagnostic, X-rays & Lab Services. Details are provided in the policy document ¬ some limitations and exclusions will apply.

International Students
Health Insurance is imperative for students from foreign countries who are registered, admitted and attending an institution of learning in Ontario. Eligibility requirements are usually under age 65 and neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent immigrant. Spouse and children can be covered.