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New Immigrants

It’s a big step to move to Canada. There’s a number of different categories for immigration with different requirements and it can be confusing. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has provided detailed information on Immigrating to Canada.

If you are newly landed in Canada or thinking of moving here, you can get more information at

One of the concerns faced by newly landed immigrants is access to the medical system. Immigrants are eligible for provincial or territorial health coverage, however there’s a waiting period of up to three months before you are covered. Healthcare can be expensive when you do not have coverage and it’s a good idea to have a supplementary health insurance plan when arriving in Canada.

A Canadian traveler’s emergency medical coverage supplier is your best bet. They know the system and can help you in the event of a medical emergency while you wait for your provincial or territorial health plan.

You can get protected now and make sure emergency medical costs don’t spoil your first experiences in Canada.