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Foreign Workers

Whether you are coming to Canada to work in a branch of a foreign company, being hired by a Canadian company to address skill-shortages or moving to be a live-in caregiver, you could find yourself with unexpected medical costs before your Canadian healthcare plan begins.

Living and working in Canada can be a great experience but it’s important to be prepared. The Canadian government requires companies to ensure their employees are covered by a health insurance plan. When you get to Canada, you can apply for provincial/territorial healthcare but there are wait times of up to three months before you are covered.

Even if you have health plan from your country of origin, it may only cover a portion of medical costs in Canada and may require you to pay extra fees. A Canadian traveler’s emergency medical insurance plan will help make sure you won’t have to pay extra for access to medical care.

You can get protected now and make sure you and your family are covered in case of a medical emergency before your healthcare plan begins.

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