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Foreign Students

When deciding to go to school in Canada, you’re normally required to find private medical coverage. In most provinces, you’re not covered by the local healthcare. For the majority of institutions, healthcare coverage is a requirement to staying enrolled.

Many universities arrange for coverage through their own providers, but not all do. If you’re planning to attend a private institution or are attending secondary/high school, you’ll need to find coverage on your own.

Most university-supplied student medical insurance is only good for full-time students during the school year. If you’re planning to arrive in Canada before the start of school, remain during the summer break or are only taking part-time studies, the insurance provided through the schools may not cover you.

Medical costs for international students in Canada can be high and it’s always better to be prepared. You can get protected now so that your education costs don’t escalate because of medical emergencies.

The Canadian government provides resources to help people planning to study in Canada. Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for answers to frequently asked questions about studying in Canada.