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Traveling Out of Country

If you’re injured or become ill when traveling away from Canada, you are fully responsible to pay for any emergency healthcare services not covered by your government healthcare plan. This could create serious financial hardship for your family.

In the United States, on average, one-night stay in hospital – without any treatment at all – may cost up to $10,000 per day. Some hospitals in the U.S. and other countries may not even admit patients without evidence of adequate medical coverage.

Canadian government healthcare plan covers you only for specific health expenses incurred in your home province or territory. It may offer very limited funding for very specific medical expenses incurred outside your province or territory. In many cases, your government healthcare plan pays less than half the actual cost.

Canadian government healthcare plans strongly advise the purchase of supplemental health insurance whenever you travel out of the country.

You can get protected now and save your family financial hardship and worry.Learn more about your provincial or territorial health care plan: