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Essential Travel Information

It’s important to be well prepared when traveling abroad. Before leaving the country, be informed of what services the Canadian Government offers abroad and what things you should do yourself to ensure a safe, smooth journey.

Consular Officials will not compensate or reimburse you for delayed or cancelled travel, or pay for your medical and other incidental expenses. Don’t rely on your provincial health plan to cover medical costs from abroad. They can very expensive and the province will only cover half the cost at best. It’s your responsibility to obtain supplementary travel insurance.

Important things to keep in mind when preparing to travel out-side the country are:

  • Contact a travel medicine clinic or your physician at least six weeks before departure
  • All Canadian travelers, including children, must have their own passport
  • A Certificate of Canadian Citizenship is not a travel document
  • Carry details of your insurance with you
  • Never carry your passport, travel tickets, identification documents, cash, credit cards, and insurance papers together
  • Have a small amount of local currency on hand when you arrive
  • Your debit or credit card may not be accepted abroad
  • Your Canadian citizenship offers no immunity to foreign laws and regulation
  • You must declare all items purchased or acquired abroad

The Canadian Government provides a free detailed brochure titled “Bon Voyage, But…” available on their website to Canadians planning to travel.